San Antonio Shoes is a brand that is a handcrafted, American-made, comfort shoe. SAS brand is an antiquated shoe in which the soft upper leather wraps completely around your feet while absorbing and wicking away moisture. Your feet are cushioned by millions of polyurthane air bubbles that literally have you walking on air. With SAS brand’s handmade quality, comfort and support for your aging feet, your feet will find the fountain of youth in these traditional american-made footwear.

SAS brand offers support and comfort with a handcrafted American-made shoe. SAS is a brand that will wear well and a shoe that will support you comfortably on the long walk of life. Take a walk in our line of San Antonio Shoe brand available at Arcioulo’s Shoes in Downtown Milford, CT. Arcioulo’s Shoes is a trusted establishment that will fit your feet with our SAS brand collection.

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