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 At Arciuolo's, we stock more than great shoes. Our friendly team is devoted to your satisfaction! We treat our loyal customers to a positive experience they never forget. Let our family help you into your next pair of shoes!

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Personalized service We pride ourselves on our ability to provide knowledgeable advice and a professional fit to every customer, every time.

At Arciuolo's we stock nothing but the highest quality shoes, sneakers, boots and sandals. Every pair of shoes comes with our quality guarantee, so if you are, for any reason, unsatisfied, come back in and we'll make it right.

With four generations of experience, the Arciuolo name has been synonymous with exceptional footwear and service. It's our most cherished tradition, one which we continue to this day. We're on the Green in downtown Milford CT. Come in for a visit today.

Peter Spencer
Peter Spencer
17:05 06 Nov 17
I suffered a VERY BAD KNEE SPASM wearing Orthotics that these people made for me. See first off, I had no ideal that Footstar Othotics and Arciuolo's shoe store were owned by the same people. I found this out after I felt I was being ripped off because, this store owner informed that the orthotics I purchased comes in a pair of 3. (That's $1,800.00) Now folks, when your having some foot Pain it is very easy to take advantage of someone. So I decided to google Footstar Othotics to complain about this shoe store this is when I discovered that the address of Footstar Orthotics had the same as this address as Arciuolo's.(So he is Footstar Orthotics as well as Arciuolo's) This is how I found out this information. I returned to this store over 20 times to resolve these issues I was having with the Orthotics they made. Cause I had no choice since Care Credit Card Service informed me that Since this person has a "NO RETURN POLICY" On his orthotics that I had no choice but, to deal with this individual personally. I also feel that most likely that this person must be aware that the products he is making must be defective. WHY ? Well on my Last visit to this store I complained that wearing these orthotics they made for me is causing me pain in my knees. The owner MATT Sr. immediately took those orthotics back and informed me that he was going to redo them again. (I was thinking shouldn't you have done these orthotics correctly the first time ?! ) He also seemed upset that I said that so he also THREW ME OUT out of his store. Till this day folks he has never called me on the orthotics he took back, he has never issues me a refund for his defective products ( REMEMBER I SUFFERED A KNEE SPASM USING HIS PRODUCT) PLUS something tells me he most likely destroyed them ! The shoes that they sold me also totally feel very uncomfortable. Thanks to Care Credit Card Service whom help him rip me off since they won't process a refund for the defective products he sold me since he has a "NO RETURN POLICY" which they have honored which tells me that Care Credit can careless about you as a consumer and only supports merchants . IF he did honored his product and felt that maybe these products were just not a good fit for me then he would given or provided a refund especially if his products caused an injury BUT, if your plans were to ripoff a customer being an honorable person isn't in your category. (I spent Close to $2,100.00 and I am back to where i started regarding my footwear issue) Here's the ironic thing about all this. I walk better barefoot or with sandals that have no Arch Support SERIOUSLY !! this tells me maybe I really didn't need orthotics or If I you do discover that you do need orthotics whatever you do DON'T have this guy make them. I have a feel he may not know what he is doing. So I suggest take your business elsewhere I would HATE for another person to suffer the same injury I did. Every time I have to pee I feel the after math of that injury every time.
Meg C
Meg C
16:30 12 Dec 17
Great family business that offers comfort shoes and custom orthotics.
Meghan Crawford
Meghan Crawford
18:05 30 Dec 17
Nicest place to buy shoes and great fun area for kids
Jessica Mitola
Jessica Mitola
22:14 20 Apr 17
An absolutely amazing family business, We have been getting our shoes there for 4 generations now. They are the most welcoming people and very quick to help you with anything you need.
Gregroy Lockwood
Gregroy Lockwood
03:45 13 Aug 16
I always have pleasant experience at Arciuolo's shoes. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I started getting my shoes there 5 years ago. My knees started to really bother me. I went there hoping to find a shoe to help with my flat feet. They measured my feet and used a machine to help find my natural arch. Now my knees don't bother me at all with the support from orthotics. They are also great with helping kids find their shoes. My niece and nephew go there to get their shoes ever since they were toddlers. Arciuolo's shoes has the perfect shoes for your feet no matter the size or arch!
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Our Team

  • Matt Arciuolo is the current owner of Arciuolo’s Shoe Store and is the founder of Footstar Orthotics LLC. Matt is a board certified pedorthist specializing in pain management and performance enhancement using custom orthotics and footwear. Matt has over 32 years of experience in professionally fitting men women and children in comfortable, supportive footwear and orthotics.

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  • Jamie Bean has been a valued member of the Arciuolo’s family for over 10 years. In addition to providing his customers with outstanding service, Jamie is also skilled in crafting custom orthotics and shoe modifications. He is an expert shoe fitter and treats his customers exceptionally.

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  • Matt Arciuolo II is a fitting specialist at Arciuolo’s Shoe Store and orthotic craftsman for Footstar Orthotics. He has over 10 years of experience in the family business and has a degree in Small Business Management from WCSU. Matt offers his customers the friendly care and attention that has been associated with his family’s name for over 90 years.

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